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Children’s Activities

Meet Whitner!

Whitner is our Anderson County Museum children’s mascot! This little lighting bug is named after William Whitner, who brought hydroelectricity to Anderson.

Excitement in Exhibits

There’s something for all ages at the Anderson County Museum. Here are some of the interactive toys and exhibits to appeal to our younger patrons.

Marsh Tacky Horse Rides
Ride a piece of History located outside the Routes of History Exhibit! The Marsh Tacky Stick horses are named for five of the 23 Marsh Tackies living in Anderson County. The Marsh Tacky is the S.C. State Heritage Horse and a unique part of our state’s culture.

Hot Air Balloon
Imagine floating into the sky in our Hot Air Balloon, located at the Buena Vista Park entrance. Push the button and hear the sound of a balloon filling up while you stand in a life-size basket.

Home Run Derby
Try not to strike out in the Baseball Exhibit’s Home Run corn-hole game. Children can toss bean bags into the hole and compete against themselves or a friend!

Weave and Crank
Learn the art of weaving on a kids’ size loom in the Turbines and Textiles Exhibit. Children can also crank the electricity wheel to generate their own power. Can you light up the display all the way to the top?

Scavenger Hunts:
We have are a variety of Scavenger Hunts for all ages every day!

American Girl: Children and their parents can find the American Girls (of the American Girl doll series) in an exhibit from their time period.

Sally Rose Furniture Find: Try to locate items and furniture in the Sally Rose miniature house.

Where’s Whitner?: Find “Whitner”, our firefly mascot named for William Whitner, who is hiding all over the museum.

We often have themed scavenger hunts to go along with special events. Past examples include Super Heroes, Doctor Who, Pirates, Pokemon, and more! You never know who might turn up in the ACM.