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Thank you for considering a donation to the Anderson County Museum!

The Anderson County Museum collects, preserves, and interprets artifacts that document the history of Anderson County and South Carolina.

Are you interested in donating an artifact?

Call us at 864-260-4737.

What type of artifacts does the museum take? The museum takes artifacts related to Anderson County and/or South Carolina. To donate, please make an appoint with our Curator, Dustin Norris at 864-260-4737 or

The Anderson county Museum is a key element in our county’s cultural arts scene and intellectual landscape. We seek to broaden the perspectives of visitors through exhibits and programs which celebrate our shared pasts, commemorate growth, and promote healthy discussion throughout the community.  We value education and a culture of inclusion as we offer opportunities for visitors to explore, discover, and enjoy history. We aim to serve as a community center and to provide an environment which welcomes and encourages our patrons to genuinely encounter the past.