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Anderson County Museum Advisory Committee

About the Anderson County Museum Advisory Committee

The Anderson County Museum Advisory Committee was established in 1983 when the museum was founded. Our Advisory Committee members are passionate about the preservation of history and the importance of education. They host community events throughout the year, including the Anderson County Museum Hall of Fame .


Appointed by the Anderson County Council, the Museum Advisory Committee serves as public ambassadors for the museum. This committee is a source of communication between the museum staff and the County Council. The Advisory Committee is responsible for all aspects of the ACM’s Hall of Fame Program.

The Advisory Committee members are appointed by Anderson County Council. The committee functions and is governed by the State of South Carolina, County of Anderson ordinance 99-018. The current Advisory Committee members are listed below.

District 1
Dr. Elizabeth Harris, Secretary
Kathryn Smith

District 2
Valerie L. Stewart

District 3
Cheryl Froman

District 4
Dr. Tim Drake
Roger McKinley, Chair

District 5
Elma Norris
Reba Martin

District 6
Carol Green
Lowry Wilson

District 7
Ricky Bell
Marion Middleton, Jr.