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Hall of Fame

Hall of fame

The Hall of Fame is updated each year to tell the stories of new inductees. These extraordinary Andersonians have succeeded in influencing history and gaining recognition, be it through business, politics, military feats, innovation, agriculture, or other endeavors.

The Anderson County Museum Hall of Fame recognizes people who have made outstanding contributions to Anderson County, its citizens and its way of life. Nominees are judged on a points system rating their contributions to the county and/or our nation and world. The judges look at how the nominee advanced his or her particular field and the ways in which these advancements were made. A nominee need not be a resident of Anderson County; however, residency will earn a slightly higher rating in the judges’ point system. Age, gender and race are not factors in the judging system process.

Past Inductees

Class of 2017
Mark Hughee Gassaway
Bruce Walker Price, Sr.

Class of 2016
Rev. Samuel Lander II

Class of 2015
Joseph John (JJ) Fretwell
Anne Kennedy Hamilton

Class of 2014
Moses Holland
Manley McClure

Class of 2013
Barnard Elliott Bee, Jr.
Claude Richard “Red” Canup

Class of 2012
Jane E. Hunter
John C. Taylor, Sr.

Class of 2011
Richard Wright Simpson, Sr

Class of 2010
William Law Watkins
Robert Emmett Ligon

Class of 2009
General Andrew Pickens
Samuel Lander Prince

Class of 2008
Albert Mauldin Carpenter
Waller Hunn Nardin, Sr.

Class of 2007
James Lawrence Orr
Caroline “Callie” Stringer Rainey

Class of 2006
Robert Anderson
James Rogers Young

Class of 2005
Thomas Rucker Gaines
Virginia “Jennie” Kramer Gilmer

Class of 2004
Annie Dove Denmark
Wilton Earle Hall
Olin DeWitt Talmadge Johnston
Elliot Crayton McCants
Olga Veleria Pruitt
George Fredrick Tolly

Class of 2003
Pearl Rodgers Cochran Fant
Ellison Adger Smyth
Corporal Freddie Stowers
William Church Whitner
Anne Austin Young