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Dinosaur Club

Join us for Dinosaur Club at the Anderson County Museum!

Dinosaur Club meets on the 1st Saturday of the month at 11 AM for ages 8 and older. Each meeting features a new dinosaur and kids in this program get to collect fossil stickers for each program they attend! Activities for this program include crafts, scavenger hunts, movies, games, and more!

Parents are required to stay in the museum. This program has free admission, donations accepted.

Age Range: 8-12 | Activities: 2-4 | Program Difficulty: Moderate

Meeting Time: 1st Saturday at 11:00 AM

Special Skills Learned:


Every meeting has a short lesson about a specific dinosaur and what scientist know about it. We get to look at some photos of fossils and learn fun facts about the dinosaurs. Every week, children in this program will get a fact sheet about the dinosaur that they can color and take home with them.


Each week we learn new names of different dinosaurs and how to pronounce them. We also learn the meaning behind the names and other words associated with that dinosaur. New words and definitions are included on the fact sheet, along with how to write the dinosaur’s name.


We talk about dinosaurs across the globe! Every month when we explore a new dinosaur, we go over where that dinosaur was first found and where it would have lived when it was alive. We also learn about what the climate would have been like and what kind of food the dinosaur would have been able to eat in that area of the world.

Problem Solving

This program involves several hands-on, problem-solving activities every meeting. We have scavenger hunts, crafts, puzzles and more. This program also has an interactive presentation discussion about each dinosaur that will challenge the children’s knowledge about them.