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Sally Abney Rose House

Sally Abney Rose House

Our miniature of the Sally Abney Rose house was made in 1978, though the real house was built in 1948. “Miniature” means that this house is a precisely proportioned scale model of the original, even down to the home’s doors, windows, columns, and furnishings!

Push buttons on our display to light up the rooms in our miniature house.

About the Sally Abney Rose House, Anderson South Carolina

In the Fall of 2020, the Anderson County Museum will be bringing you a new exhibit that focuses on the county’s residential architecture. Learn about the regional, national, and international influences in the aesthetic of Anderson County’s homes. In this video, Anderson County Museum curator Dustin Norris discusses the history and significance of Anderson County’s Sally Abney Rose House. Come to the museum to see our miniature model of the house.