Hashtag Mosaic 2018

Collecting Photos until May 21st

On Display from June 1st - August 18th

How To Get Featured


  1. Snap a cool photo!
  2. Upload to social media
  3. Use #iloveandersoncounty in the caption!

We collect the photos and you get featured in our gallery throughout the summer!

See the Q&A Section below for more details.

Q&A About the Mosaic

A hashtag mosaic is a collage of photos tagged with a hashtag that create one large photo. Here are some examples.

As many as you want! We will collect 1728 photos for the mosaic.

There will be 1728 photos featured in this exhibit. They will be on display from June 1 to August 18

Nope! You just have to love us!

Nope! We get notifications from all major platforms and google alerts for the ones we don’t use.

A Hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic. Our hashtag is #iloveandersoncounty

The mosaic will be displayed right here in our Museum! It is located at 202 East Greenville Street, Anderson SC 29621

There could be two reasons:

A. Your profile or posts are set to private. Set your posts to public and they should show up! If you are still not seeing your posts, send us a direct message and we will help you!

B. Your post was deemed unacceptable to use for the mosaic due to the nature of the content of the post. All photos are individually reviewed by museum staff before being placed in the mosaic.

Photos are reviewed by museum staff for content and quality, but all photos submitted will be used if approved.

Contact our designer and we will get you posted! Our number is 864-260-4737


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